Facility Management

Technical management of complex, large-scale buildings

Your building offers you a certain number of services or “facilities” (energy, waste disposal, security of persons and goods, cleaning and maintenance, green areas, catering, supplies, ...). SOPHIA offers a delegate management which enables you to optimise contractual terms as well as recruitment and entertainment of a building management team.

  • Within the framework of the large renovation programme of the Maison de la Radio Premises in Brussels, SOPHIA took care of assisting tenants in moving in during the works and the implementation of the site’s technical and administrative management (30,000 m² of office space, shops, auditorium, television studios, ...).


Sophia guides you through to entire outsourcing process:

  • In- or outsourcing analysis of your FM-services (maintenance, cleaning, ...)
  • Elaboration of FM-tender specifications (Service Level Agreement)
  • Tender evaluations
  • Assistance during the entire negotiation process

Some studies of tenders specifications references:

  • Electrabel (10 buildings 120,000 m²), European Commission (70 buildings 1,500,000 m²), European Committee of the Regions (4 Buildings 150,000 m²), Dexia Tower Brussels (120,000 m²), Dexia Tower La Défense (40,000 m²), Headquarters of Bristol Myers Squibb in Rueil Malamaison (45,000 m²), Headquarters of the European Food & Veterinary Office in Dublin, Belgian Ministry of Finance in Brussels (North Galaxy Towers – 160,000 m²), Headquarters of Toyota in Brussels (20,000 m²).

Facility Management Information System

Key-elements of your real estate management, the workspace services (or ”facilities”) represent as many services associated with the building, but they also generate large costs in case of ill-functioning. In order to help you organise, manage and evaluate these services, SOPHIA helps you choose and implement an information system.

  • Together with its partners, STRATEGIES and NEXITY, SOPHIA has implemented an integrated facilities management (FMIS) application in the Belgian Ministry of Finance. This platform, which is composed of the CADWIN FM tools associated with the service portal FM’UP, allows for the management of plans, spaces, inventories, budgets, etc., for the 1,200 buildings controlled by the Administration.

Technical Dispatching

SOPHIA provides management of all types of calls made to dispatching for technical services. Calls are analysed and are followed up with work orders to various previously established service providers. SOPHIA reports on its responses on a monthly basis and monitors the fulfilment of commitments made by service providers.

  • SOPHIA manages technical dispatching for the European Commission and European Parliament in Brussels. The team put in place by SOPHIA comprises 15 technicians who are on call 24/7. They receive approximately 50,000 calls annually and also handle technical alarms which are centralised at dispatching.


In order to determine accurately the profitability and efficiency of a management process, it is necessary to position your company in a system of competitive spotting, or “benchmarking”. SOPHIA suggests that you integrate this approach in order to spot all the “best practice”.

  • Portfolio audit
  • Lease audit
  • Charges audit
  • Organisation audit
  • SOPHIA has supervised the study and analysis of the charges of a 200-office building sample and 15 commercial centres, supported by the Belgian Building Charges Watch (OBCI – Observatoire belge des charges d’immeuble).