Technical Audit

Strengthened by an important technical auditing experience, SOPHIA has unique assessment tools and methods for the management of technical equipment, allowing for early detection of practical maintenance problems and ad hoc measures.

SOPHIA is your partner for audits, organisation, development of technical solutions, negotiations of sub-contracting contracts, ...

SOPHIA carries out energy audits for the purposes of operations optimisation and for new energy performance standards for buildings.

  • SOPHIA carried out a survey of all the energy auditing methods used in Europe for the BIM (Brussels Institute for Management of the Environment) in partnership with the 3E company, and established a methodological standard applicable to the Brussels region.

Technical Due Diligence

SOPHIA handles « Technical Due Diligence » missions on behalf of investors in relation with the purchase of buildings. These missions are taken care of with the coordination of all the SOPHIA expertises (architecture, special techniques, energy, environment).

Energy audit

As for the rental and sale of existing buildings, as well as the maintenance of heating and cooling systems, Sophia proposes energy audits and EPB certification.