Building Engineering

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Project Management

Acting as a decision-maker thanks to an overall view of the building from the project design onwards, SOPHIA foresees and acts as a guarantor of the occupier’s needs. Together with the architects, engineers and main contractor, but also financial partners and owners, The SOPHIA Management team is also ensuring the day-to-day running of your project and optimises the building and workspace in all its construction, use and maintenance aspects.

Health & Safety Coordination

Since 1996, SOPHIA has been handling Health & Safety Coordination missions on large scale projects. SOPHIA has all the agreements linked to the 2001 regulation in order to do so.

  • Health and Security co-ordination assignments: AG-Fortis, CPAS of Brussels, Ministry of Equipment and Transportation, …

Building Technologies Engineering

Thanks to a perfect knowledge of the management and maintenance requisites of a building’s operating cycle, SOPHIA intervenes in key-steps, from the draft design onwards or the building renovation: structure, technical equipment (air conditioning, electricity, sanitary installations, lift, feeble current, etc.), environmental property (air & water quality, asbestos removal, etc.).

A few references:

  • Assistance to the main contractor: RTL-TVI headquarters, King Baudouin Stadium, …
  • Comprehensive engineering assignments and/or technical equipment : P&V Tower in Brussels, Brussels Parliament, Sopima Building in Brussels, commercial centre in Louvain-la-Neuve, …
  • Legal inventory and asbestos removal studies: construction authorities (Brussels, Liège and Luxembourg provinces), …
  • Complete refurbishment of the Laeken Town Hall
  • Creation of a start-up incubation centre on the location of the Brussels Arsenal (ICAB)
  • Construction of large housing projects for high-profile property developers such as Bouygues Immobilier Belgium, JCX Immo, Trium Development
  • Construction of a 14,000 m² low energy consumption office building in the centre of Brussels (rue Royale) for Besix RED.

PEB : Energy Performance of Buildings

New rules apply to the construction and renovation of buildings as well as to the replacement or installation of technical equipment (boiler, cooling, ventilation).

Sophia is dedicated to the integration of energy and environmental concepts in its projects with the twin objectives of rationalising operating costs and contributing to the improvement of the environment and the health of the occupants of buildings.

The aim is to design and construct contemporary buildings which are comfortable, economic and which have a limited environmental footprint, all within a set budget.

The technical installations are designed, dimensioned and chosen so as to reduce as much as possible primary energy consumption, discharge of CO2 into the atmosphere, use of non recyclable materials and maintenance requirements.

The integration of energy saving techniques is usually more costly than traditional solutions. It is, therefore, necessary to focus on the global cost of the building throughout its life and not only the construction cost because although traditional solutions are generally less costly at the outset, they rapidly result in higher costs after only a few years of operation.

The overall cost of a building must therefore be looked at over a period of use of at least 5 to 10 years.