Real Estate Consulting

Since December 2010 Sicabel joined Sophia Group. This company led by Bernard Cartier offers a full of services for Corporate Real estate Consulting. Its professionals are dedicated to Programming, Preject Management, Space planning, Moving and Fitting.

We study the feasibility of the project on the basis of your request, for all or part of the various aspects which could be involved. At present it covers design, technical, operational, financial, economic and legal aspects. Thus, during this preliminary study, we are involved in seeking an optimal cost/strategy match, by bringing appropriate technical solutions to bear in order produce a study of the organisation.

Corporate Real Estate Consulting

Thanks to a comprehensive approach to real estate assistance, Sophia helps you assess and determine your real estate needs, from the definition of your real estate strategy to the financial optimisation of your portfolio and the analysis of your workplace needs. Independently from all other real estate players, Sophia is first of all serving the occupier in order to transform your working environment into a productivity and flexibility centre, in accordance with your development goals.

  • Site selection
  • Financial, legal and tax analysis
  • Assistance in lease contract negotiations
  • Definition of a fitting out scheme
  • Drafting of project support files
  • Search for a facilities controlling tool
  • Etc.

As a true outsourced real estate unit, SOPHIA is accompanying you on a daily basis in order to help derive maximum strategic and financial advantages from an optimum real estate management.

Our team successfully completed several assignments, and among them:

  • Comparative analysis of several real estate projects within the restructuring of the Proximus headquarters
  • Comparative study of Catella-Codemer’s portfolio charges
  • Study on the outsourcing of the general services of the Electrabel headquarters
  • Standing orders of the joint propriety “Center Communication Nord” (135,000 m² including station, shops and offices) managed by the Ministry of the Brussels-Capital Region.

Programmation :

The SOPHIA programming service offers real help in management decision-making and is at once a ‘bible’ and a ‘safeguard’

  • Defining and assessing workforce-related workspace requirements
  • Choosing options which will diectly influence the future life of the compagny and its running costs
  • Defining and assessing technical needs
  • Defining the financial issues

What makes the programming stage crucial for your project ?

SOPHIA supports your project from the earliest stages. Of course this includes the decision-making phase, but also covers the economic analysis of the various choices before you. We help your company to identify and anticipate the operating needs of the occupants. We also assist you in evaluating current and special technical needs, assessing the alterations necessary and drawing up a budget. Through genuinely innovative advice, we undertake to provide you with the most efficient and cost-effective help in decision-making.

Project Management

Design : The design stage is an important element in drawing up your property project. Nothing can be left to chance. SOPHIA approaches this phase in five ways

  • Assessement of existing facilities and programming
  • Consulting and markets
  • Interior architecture and complete fitting of space
  • Design of complex facilities (company canteen, computer centre, conference centre, ect.) and innovative working environments
  • Consultation and markets

Implementation : To carry out your property project successfully and ensure that it exactly meets your targets, SOPHIA will manage the implementation phase according to the following stages:

  • Site management and organisation
  • Monitoring the planning, surveys and instructions
  • Qualitative and quantitive monitoring and checks on the exact conformity of the works with the targets set out (in operational, technical and financial terms)
  • Organisation of coordinationg and site meetings
  • Submission of a weekly progress report on surveys and work

Space Planning

Starting with an accurate analysis of your workspace needs, SOPHIA will be accompanying all the key-steps of your workspace fitting out: macro and micro spatial definitions, restructuring, design, interior design, furniture, moving assistance, etc.

  • SOPHIA has carried out technical, economical and fitting out feasibility studies of “services centre” including a business and meeting centre, a restaurant, a snack, a kindergarten, ... for the clustering of occupier services at the Cluster Park in Zaventem.

Assistance with move

As well as helping with logistics, SOPHIA will deal with the organisation of removals and refitting. For the convenience of your staff, we will keep them informed and assist them through all five stages of the move. A welcome booklet will be produced to make sure that each of the occupants settles in perfectly.

Technical Due Diligence

SOPHIA handles « Technical Due Diligence » missions on behalf of investors in relation with the purchase of buildings. These missions are taken care of with the coordination of all the SOPHIA Group expertises (architecture, special techniques, energy, environment).