Group philosophy

SOPHIA is a fully independent company which operate with the shared objective of building a truly integrated service providing superior added value to owners of corporate real estate, whether promoters, investors, or occupants.

SOPHIA primarily operates in the following five sectors:

  • Corporate Real Estate Consulting; Space Planning; Programmation; Project Management; Assistance with move.
  • Facility Management Consulting; Facility Management Information System; Outsourcing; Technical Dispatching; Benchmarking.
  • Engineering design and build; Health and Safety Coordination; Project management.
  • Technical Audit (energy and environment); Technical Due Diligence.
  • Alternative financing of renewable energies and environmental certification for the real estate industry.

SOPHIA’s business strategy is what has guaranteed its longevity. This strategy is based on five main features:

  • financial soundness (capital of €500,000) and stable financial partners
  • research and development: methods and technical concepts
  • ongoing prospecting for new contracts (Paris, Luxembourg, Dublin, Athens, Dubai, etc.)
  • a team that is up-to-date on the latest technologies and afforded great discretion but not divorced from performance requirements
  • partnerships with companies on the cutting edge in their sectors

SOPHIA is also based on a system of value:

  • ethic and the rules of professional conduct
  • transparency
  • independence

SOPHIA’s future clearly rests the new regulations to be enacted with regard to ecology, sustainable development and the environment, which are at the heart of the profession, and on its capability for innovation in the sector. For example, SOPHIA is developing a complete module for environmental evaluation into its building evaluation tool.